Our services

New telecom sites

Thanks to our expertise and a trained and certified team, we also create new roofing sites for both towers and masts.

This service includes:

  • Full site management service
  • On-site structure installation
  • Short lead times
  • Safety features included:
    • Safety rails installation
    • Anchor points
    • Installation report by approved body
  • Radio services included:
    • 4G and FH antenna installation
    • VSWR measurements – alignment – wiring
    • Technical bay installation

 Structural reinforcement

We carry out all types of structural reinforcement in the telecom sector. These reinforcements are always carried out on the basis of a calculation and a reinforcement rating. They can be relatively simple, such as bolt replacements, or relatively complex, such as placing an exoskeleton over the full height of a mast, enlarging a foundation, drilling micropiles, etc.


We build different types of foundations, extending solid concrete with piles or micropiles.

Foundation reinforcement

We carry out different types of reinforcements both in open and confined spaces via piling through the foundation (core drilling of the existing foundation with pile laying and tensioning).

Reinforcement of lattice masts

We do local reinforcements such as:

  • Replacing/reinforcing diagonals and crossbars
  • Flange reinforcement
  • Frame reinforcement

As well as exoskeletal reinforcement, where we undertake:

  • Measuring
  • Finished designs
  • Production
  • Installation

Reinforcement of guyed masts

Following a stability rating, we can ensure the compliance of guyed sites:

  • Replacing seat stays and nonconformant parts
  • Anchor testing
  • Tensioning and verticality
  • Chemical anchoring replacement
  • Creation of new counterplate anchoring solutions

Site security

Specialising in the different techniques of material identification and measurement studies, we offer you complete solutions in terms of expertise and calculation.

Expertise in the latest techniques, such as thermal cameras, allows us to identify moisture problems, resolve fluid leaks, or highlight water or air tightness problems.

Our work is carried out by experienced engineers using specialized, regularly calibrated tools.

As our staff are well-versed in rope access techniques, we also work in particularly hard-to-reach areas.

Concrete structure expertise

Using Ferroscan, we can detect rebars, bar diameter and overlap thickness without destroying the concrete.

We can also detect the position and depth of electrical cables, voids and pipes (metal, PVC or others).

Steel structure expertise

Using ultrasound devices, we measure:

  • Verticality
  • Thickness
  • Tightening torque
  • Cable stay tension
  • The damping factor

Anchor testing

Our teams are able to test all types of anchoring and offer a comprehensive service:

  • Standard screw tester
  • Hydraulic tester for small areas
  • Torque wrench
  • Seal installation and removal for test
  • Replacement of failed anchors

Emergency assistance

We have set up a 24/7 emergency support procedure.
During an emergency, you will benefit from the expertise of our engineers. We provide site security and appropriate reinforcement solutions.


Six years’ experience

More than 400 civil maintenance visits
• Corrective actions
• Database
• Risk analysis for smart maintenance
• Building expertise: analysis of the cracks in a building often helps to determine the related stability problems. Using a thermal camera, moisture meter, sclerometer or Ferroscan, our staff are able to analyze and interpret all observable pathological phenomena in new or old buildings.