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We offer a comprehensive service.

We carry out complete mast and foundation surveys. Our teams take action on-site.

Calculation of structural work rates:
Based on the data, we check the strength of an existing pad and offer to design reinforcement solutions if necessary. We can also calculate the dimensions and ironwork of a new pad.

Specific to lattice masts

From a few dozen to more than 300 meters, in tubes or in angles, our intervention teams are able to carry out the complete survey of lattice masts by means of rope access. These readings are then used by our engineers to make the complete mast calculations.

Specific to guyed structures

Guyed structures are generally hyperstatic, which necessitates non-linear calculation methods for their design. DL Consulting has made this sector one of its specialties because we can bring all our experience and expertise into play.
Beyond the calculations, we are specialized in determining the preload forces to be placed on guy cables, in checking their verticality and tension or in on-site anchorage tests. In addition, we systematically carry out a depreciation assessment to complement the stability study.

Specific to monopole masts

As these structures are essentially working in flexion, the consideration of fatigue phenomena is particularly important in establishing the calculations.

Specific to roof structures

During the survey visit, these sites call on all of our knowledge about the building’s stability – lowering of the load, the stability of the supporting element (wall, chimney, etc.) or the presence of cracks are all essential elements to check on-site. All structural surveys are therefore carried out by qualified personnel, engineers or experienced technicians. Structural surveys and photo reportage are then processed by the design office, which carries out the stability rating and, if necessary, the reinforcement plans.

Concrete Towers

We offer a complete service:
We support our customers from start to finish. We carry out:

  • Calculations from technical plans
  • Equipment measurement
  • Structural work rate calculation

In addition, using Ferroscan, we analyze the concrete structure, enabling the necessary reinforcement work to be carried out without damaging the concrete.

We provide you with a comprehensive expert report with recommendations for the most cost-effective solutions.


Racking design and calculation:

  • Pallets
  • Automatons
  • Freestanding elements

We provide complete project analysis:

Study – Design – Conception

Drafting of general, assembly and manufacturing plans with TEKLA software.

New Constructions

Based on architect plans or building permits, DL Consulting regularly carries out stability studies for the construction of new buildings. On-site inspection missions may then be considered to ensure good quality of work by the contractor.

Composite Structures

The telecom sector regularly uses composite, wave-transparent structures to hide its antennae and integrate them into the urban landscape as best possible.

From simple false chimneys to the vertical extension of a building, we design, build and install these types of structures.

Stairs and platforms

Whether for the private or industrial sector, we manufacture and install any type of walkway, railing, staircase or platform in galvanized, stainless or painted steel.